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Safety & Training

Smith Energy employs a full-time company Safety Director to monitor, administer, and oversee its overall Safety and a full-time Safety Trainer to oversee it's training program. The director is responsible for keeping the company's Safety Manual and Training Programs up-to-date and distributed to all affected parties. He also makes sure that the company maintains qualified workers by periodically performing Operation Qualification (OQ) testing, OSHA testing, and testing required by its customers and governing bodies. The Director is also responsible for onsite safety procedures and for conducting accident and incident investigation, claims reporting and tracking, and safety and training program development.

The company conducts regular monthly safety meetings for all of its field personnel.

Safety Manual

The company has a complete Safety Manual. The manual outlines all areas of the company’s business where safety hazards may exist. New employee orientation includes familiarizing and testing the new employee with the company’s safety policies and procedures.

The company's entire Safety Program is overseen by JJ Safety.  JJ Safety maintains all customer requirements and updates the safety and training databases daily.